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The Jade is a micro-current derma ray treatment that safely combines low frequency electrical stimulation and color light that works directly on the nerves, muscle fibers, blood circulation, and promotes collagen and elastin production. Overall, the Jade is an amazing healing modality that helps to support the lymphatic system and calm the cranial nerves, meaning you’ll experience better health and relaxation. Potential benefits include:

Diminish fine lines and wrinkles – the Jade can do this by removing adhesions in the muscle, allowing fine lines to recede and disappear.

Minimize scar tissue – the Jade breaks up calcium deposits and scar tissue in the muscle, providing a more toned appearance.

Lengthens muscle fibers – the Jade lengthens the relaxed position of muscles, allowing the skin to relax and no longer hold the skin in a position it will hold wrinkles.

Lift & tone sagging skin

Drain the lymphatic system – the Jade helps to mobilize lymph in the body, which reduces facial and body swelling. One-third of your lymph nodes reside in your face! This also promotes overall health and immune function.

Remove toxins – the lymphatic system is like the sewage system of your body. If it gets backed up, the body becomes polluted and illness manifests.

Relieve muscular knots & spasms – this provides an immediate benefit in fine lines and wrinkles, as it allows the natural tone of the facial muscles to restore. When used on other areas of the body, un-doing these knots can offer relief and more comfort to the body’s well-being.

Repair sun-damaged skin

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